Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hospital foods that NOT heal

Do you remember what typical hospital foods taste like in United States? I visited my mother in-law last weekend. The hospital foods she ate, looked like to me, were identical with that of 30-40 years ago. Years ago, those food may be considered as tasty and nutritious; but according to today's standard, they are lousy and bad for patients whom were already staffed with pizza, burger and trans-fat laden cookies.
What was on my mother-in-law's dinner tray in the hospital ?
White bread and margarine - white bread are not as healthy as whole grain; margarine is laden with trans fats.
Canned peaches - can't hospital bring fresh fruit? they are more nutritious. Canned fruit may contain pesticide residues.
Whole milk - which is fat filled and taken from cows injected with hormones.
Gelatin - which is low-nutrient, high-calorie, artificially colored jellied sugar water; they are for kid only, NOT for patients.
Juice - Juice from hospital are processed from concentrate rather than whole fruits.
Meat - those meat were from animals raised on antibiotics and hormones; which served with refined starches and pesticide-laced veggies.
People in US have paid so much in their health care cost; they deserve to eat some thing healthier when they are in hospitals.


mfaizalzul said...

nice blog..

Viola said...

Nice Blog :)

Kelvin said...

Kia Ora (hello) from a New Zealand. The hospital is one place that should serve reasonable good food. What is wrong with getting the prisons growing fruit & vegetables for the hopitals, etc. It would give prisoners "jobs" as well as providing a much need boost to peoples health by eating proper food.

The Lone Beader said...

Ineresting....And, I agree.

Chad said...

Check out my site! They are all SUPER FOODS!

Die Muräne said...

I agree with that!

I think everyone should try to avoid hospitals anyway or at least leave it as fast as possible. It sucks out a lot of your energy in a very short time. What do you guys think about that?

Kunoichi said...

The last time I was in the hospital (in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where I no longer live), I actually found the food quite deliscious - and no white bread in sight.

Could it just be that particular hospital? Or maybe it's a US thing?

Misanthropic Meanderings said...

Every time I go to a hospital, I get sicker. The medicines and the food are not designed to make you well, they are put together by guesswork and outdated science. Kudos to you for pointing out how hospitals fail in even such a simple task.

Cindy said...

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