Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Coffee as medicine

I found an excellent summary about the coffee being far more healthful than being harmful. Allow me to write down some excerts from this article. On the side effects of coffee drinking, the author notes:
"It's clear that coffee isn't for everyone. Its legendary jolt in excess doses -- that is, more than whatever your individual body can tolerate -- can increase nervousness, hand trembling, and cause rapid heartbeat. Coffee may also raise cholesterol levels in some people and may contribute to artery clogging".
"pregnant women, heart patients, and those at risk for osteoporosis may still be advised to limit or avoid coffee".
Like many people, I don't drink coffee in the evening - it can cost me a good night sleep. On the health benefits of coffee drinking, the author writes:
"Could lower your risk of diabetes, Parkinson's disease, and colon cancer".
"People who smoke and are heavy drinkers have less heart disease and liver damage when they regularly consume large amounts of coffee compared to those who don't".
"There's also some evidence that coffee may help manage asthma and even control attacks when medication is unavailable, stop a headache, boost mood, and even prevent cavities".
On the effect coffee on children -
"In fact, no studies show that coffee in reasonable amounts is in any way harmful to children."
Overall, the author writes that coffee -
"show no significant adverse affects on most healthy people". "For most people, very little bad comes from drinking it, but a lot of good".
Coffee is one of the great blessings of humanity. I raise my coffee cup to all you readers and wish you a long, health life.


Dave Norris said...

I work for a coffee company and liked your post. I will be bookmarking your blog/

Alice said...

You've just made me very happy! Now my cup of coffee will taste even better than it already did!!!