Sunday, August 06, 2006

Camel milk help diabetes patients

Although carmel's milk have been consumed for thousands of years in Africa and the Middle East, it's medical benefits toward modern diseases were not known until recently.
In 1986, an insulin-like protein has been detected in camel milk. Following clinical trials in human diabetes type 1 have shown that the daily consumption of 0.5 litre camel milk reduces the need for insulin medication by an average of 30%. The anti-diabetic properties of camel milk have been demonstrated in several other studies.
Camel milk has positive effects in controlling high blood pressure and helps in the management of Arteriosclerosis and Osteoporosis. Research has demonstrated the presence of potent anti-bacterial and anti-viral factors in camel milk. Clinical trials showed that recovery from infectious disease (e.g. Tuberculosis) was significantly faster in patients consuming camel milk regularly.
Think about it, nature designed camel's milk to help baby camels grow up in some of the world's roughest environments - deserts and steppes. That helps explain why it is 3 times as rich in Vitamin C, 10 times as rich in iron as cow's milk, as well as containing many medicinal compounds.
Few years ago, I got a chance to taste a small piece of cheese made of camel milk. It didn't taste good for sure, quite salty. Now a Austria entrepreneur called Johann Hochleitner is developing camel's milk chocolates. Yogurt and butter are also in the work.
With 20 million camels in the world, dairy experts at the United nation's Food and Agriculture Organization predict $10 billion in annual sales in 2016 for camel's milk due to strong demand.


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clarie said...

cool blog it is good to know that someone cares

Ryan Murphy said...

Mmm, I want some camel's milk.

Anonymous said...

So, where do you stand on Cow's Milk?

Hugs said...

Great site - human touch goes along way to healing too - hugs to you!!

Gwen's-Joint said...

Wow, awesome thing to write about! I really enjoyed reading this blog; the information was fantastic and it's a real break through for those who have diabetes; it's great they have the possibility to enjoy chocolate that helps with their condition! However, will it not be cruel to milk camels?

Your Neighbor said...

Thank you for this information! It is good to see people taking the time to help others they don't know. like Flavia at you are a good guy, thanks!

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horsey said...

Its an interesting point you place forward about the use of camel milk. I am sure there are plenty of foods out there that have benefit to us that have been eaten/drunk by differing cultures for ever, but because of our western domination we have never taken a second look at the benefits that these foods may have to us in the fight against diseases or cancers. I know it takes time for these studies to be completed and made avilable but it makes me wonder if we went back to the nautral world and spent the money we do on all fields of research in chemicals. I wonder what we could achieve.

The Horse

Wanda said...

Have you found a source for camel milk that we can obtain in the US? Even powdered milk would be acceptable. Thank you.

jules said...

a great blog...i love all these info...thanks...i am impressed.