Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Coffee cure cellulite

Cellulite is big business. $96.9 million was spent on products that claim to remove it. Recently, scientists at an Austrian lingerie manufacturer (Palmers) have hit upon an easier way to burn off the unsightly fatty deposits all day long: tights impregnated with microcapsules of caffeine.
As with other brands of tights that can contain skin products such as aloe vera, red algae, or seaweed, the caffeine-laced fabric is activated by body heat. The small drops of liquid, which last for four washes, boost metabolism, burn fat, improve the appearance of cellulite.
Caffeine-laced cream also works pretty well to against cellulite.
Right now, is the sole distributor of the caffeine tights. The initial response from customers are phenomenal.
So ladies, for your cellulite, skip gyms and grab a pair of caffeine tights.


speed_demon said...

Is this actually possible? Or, is it another one of those scam to rip people off?

Maybe Botox injection would work.

California Baby said...

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George N. Parks said...

Interesting... Are there any resources that go over any studies done to prove the validity of this use of caffein? Is consumed caffeine to weak to induce weight loss? (for example diet soda beverages typically are seen as not as healthy as water, because they don't "burn calories" like water.) Based on the caffeine burns calories principal wouldn't one come to expect that diet soda would be even better for you than water... although studies seem to overwhelmingly say otherwise. I suppose the meth-amphetamine breed of diet pills are not all that different from these concepts, so perhaps it is simply a matter of the strenght of the stimulant or the way it is metabolized.

Anonymous said...

Do they come in soy latte?

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Anonymous said...

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