Sunday, June 11, 2006

Black raspberries may fight cancer

Many studies reported that black raspberries contain phytochemicals like ellagic acid, carotenoids and anthocyanins, and significant amounts of vitamins C, E, folic vitamins, minerals and other valuable beneficial compounds known to prevent cancer in animals. Recently, Public Health professor Gary Stoner , Chair of Environmental Health Sciences at Ohio State University, published another study which found rats on a berry-rich diet had fewer malignant tumors than those not on the berry regimen. The reduction in tumor response to a carcinogen in the esophagus and the colon was between 40% and 60%, and the reduction in the oral cavity was about 50% as well.
Stoner's new study demonstrated that the berries influenced the metabolism of carcinogens such that the end result is less genetic damage. And they do this by slowing the growth rate of pre-malignant pre-cancerous cells, and they also stimulate these cells to die rather than to grow. The berries also inhibit formation of blood vessels in cancerous tumors, which retard their growth. Stoner says his research group has begun human trials with a focus on pre-cancerous lesions in the esophagus, mouth and colon sites where the compounds can be absorbed most effectively.


dimmi said...


This is great news.

It would be nice if they found out that chocolate fights cancer, too.

It really is interesting to me, though, that foods that are natural and fresh are scientifically much better for us than anyone every predicted.

And along those same lines, foods that we've engineered and pumped full of sugar or fat or who knows what else are killing us.

Anyway, thanks for the berries post. It was interesting to read.

cibbuano said...

that's good news for those of us that like berries...

kat said...

I've been eating berries all my life and eating hardly ever any processed supermarket foods. Funny, the majority of people my age have had cancer, adult-onset diabetes, obesity, etc. and I am still keeping on and on. Thank goodness for real food!